Jack Brook Aug. 2016

JB001 JB003 JB005 JB007
JB009  Abandon cares all ye who enter here. JB011 JB013 JB015
JB017 JB019  Great showers. JB021  Wonderful dining facilities and delicious food prepared by a master. JB023
JB025 JB027 JB029 JB031
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JB063 JB069  When I first rode through this forest about 30 years ago I was shocked and saddened by what I considered a terrible desecration of Nature with all those 2000 year old stumps everywhere.  The forest has had time to grow up that much more, the old stumps aren't quite so prominent and my feeling of desecration isn't now so acute.  Finally I could enjoy the forest for what it is. JB071 JB073
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JB111  This is a boiler that probably was part of a large steam engine similar to the small one shown in the following photo.  This would be the firebox end and the holes make it a "fire tube" boiler.  The engine itself would have attached at the oval end and would have taken steam directly from there. JB112  This steam engine is probably a small version of the one that went with the boiler, the wooden rails and the small trucks that were there where we had lunch.  The firebox, the stack and the engine itself were missing, but many of the features of this engine is visible on the boiler there in the forest. JB113  Inside the boiler showing the fire tubes that would have been surrounded by heated water with steam in the chest above them (to the left). JB117  Sitting on the wooden beams that probably formed the frame of the engine.  The small wheel trucks are not shown in this picture.
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JB151  Fixing lunch for ourselves after a hearty breakfast. JB153 JB155 JB157
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JB219 JB221  Behind Apple Jack's JB223 JB225
JB227  On our way back from the tavern. JB231 JB233  On Sunday night some tried to roast marshmellos with limited success. JB241
JB243 JB245 JB247 JB251